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Simplify and automate your business document exchange with trading partners

For organizations of every size, the pressures to comply and implement electronic document standards are intense, especially for key customer or supplier relationships. There are serious demands for real-time business collaboration that often call for highly skilled resources with the most up-to-date experience on integration process and technology. In fact, doing business electronically with today’s global business standards requires the ability to exchange information with unprecedented speed, flexibility, and processing power.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), extensible markup language (XML) and secure communication standards have helped make it possible for businesses to automate the way companies order, bill and ship their goods and services over the internet. That’s why TIE Kinetix offers three very flexible XML/EDI compliant integration solutions, each one designed to meet the needs of small, medium-sized, and enterprise organizations. By enabling seamless collaboration between trading partners, our powerful integration technology and expertise make it easy for customers to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and simplify data sharing with their whole trading partner community.

With TIE’s XML/EDI integration solutions, you can:

  • Completely manage and automate your XML, EDI and electronic business document exchange with partners without complex software, infrastructure or integration expertise.
  • Integrate with any back office applications, including Epicor, SAP, Oracle, Exact, and Microsoft applications
  • Easily expand your integrated relationships and manage trading partner demands as your business requirements grow
  • Stay connected to your system’s performance through automated notifications and reporting
  • Prioritize critical trading partner transactions and document handling for Just-In-time (JIT) scenarios
  • For customers wishing to manage their own internal integration processes, TIE Kinetix solutions can be also fully licensed and installed locally

Let our team of integration experts do the heavy lifting. TIE Kinetix has over twenty years of experience working closely with customers and partners to make the process easy, secure and reliable providing all the essential tools and training to be entirely self-sufficient.

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Managed Services for EDI

"Outsourcing our EDI to TIE has
been one of the best business
decisions that Clopay could
have made."

Carmel Hirth,
Director of IT

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Onsite Services for EDI

"TIE's Onsite Service for EDI
helps us to be proactive, efficient
and compliant. Vendor's complaints
aren't my problem anymore."

Dylan Bruntil,
Director of Information Technology

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Customer Service

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They are easy to work with,
know their stuff really well, and
get excited about the product. "

Dylan Bruntil,
Director of Information Technology

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Solid Technology

"TIE's Advanced EDI technology gives
our clients an unparalleled solution
for managing, exchanging, and
reconciling their electronic data."

Rodney E. Winger,
Sr. Director, Product Marketing

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